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The Most Revered Goddess in the World of ArcheAge

Le 10 July 2015, 04:40 dans Humeurs 0

The Most Revered Goddess in the World of ArcheAge

Нуи - the most revered goddess in the world of ArcheAge Gold Buy . Its palaces - the underworld where souls go, people and animals. She meets them at the gates: one holds out a hand merciful oblivion, the other sends back - their way among the living is not finished yet. But there are those whose grief is so great that it is impossible for them to oblivion, but also to revive them anymore. One of these messengers of the underworld is the Ghost Horse - a true racer eldest son of the king of Ministers. A favorite Leander extinguished by longing for his tragically deceased owner, and now wandering alone between the living world and the world of the dead.

Now each character has the ability to soothe the sorrow of the thoroughbreds, he became the new owner and a loyal friend. Game store added a new item - casket Nui. If you're lucky, it will be a graceful sled pet - Spectral Horse.

This horse is balancing on the edge between two worlds, so he can not wear gear. Speed of movement of ghostly steed - 13.6 m / s. In addition, the sled pet can carry only one hero.

Also, the casket may contain other valuable things:

The amount of the casket - 25 crystals. In addition, an accretion amount of caskets can be purchased at a discount. For example, 30 units will amount you 525 crystals.

Heated geode with akhiumom accurate - you can get the ablaze copse or actuate the blazon of accurate akhiuma and aggregate it. To acquisition out absolutely what is central of the aloft geodes this, it is all-important to abode on the acreage and delay until it split.

Watered and graded akhiumnogo filly timberline - this anthologized akhiumnogo filly timberline does not crave watering mineral baptize from geysers Primordial mainland. When the timberline grows, you can cut it or actuate its brand and aggregate akhium corresponding type.

We admonish you that with the advice of "tokens 150 Crystals" you can buy crystals, not alone online, but the added characters. Look for the items on bargain and buy it for bold gold: the consistent crystals can be spent including on items from the bold store! will update more information, Stay tuned.

Ernard Enchanted City in ArcheAge II

Le 7 July 2015, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

In previous article you reading some information about this topic, now let' continue:

In their place, the dark night of darkness, daybreak. The sun has not yet appeared on the horizon, but the first rays softly dispel the darkness, lit up the sleeping streets.

"This Ernard" - Pega said.

Ernard remind Delphi. But every stone, each of the city's buildings are made of pure energy. It is constantly changing: just be a dead end, the sudden appearance of a door or archway, and wide boulevards into a small street, caught in the house. He walked wizard may suddenly disappear, as if dissolved in air ,, after a few seconds appeared far away.

"I walked in the door, I suddenly became easy and safe --Pega say .-- I no longer worry about the exam. And I'm very sleepy. Then I entered the first house, lying on the bed. I do not know how the No one, no one would mind. I slept so sweet, like sleep, may be in his childhood dream I dream of good, bright. When I opened my eyes on the floor, this is a book recording lullabies spell, but I will now Nana. I only once, immediately thought, I know, you know, know that it works, when I need, I can use it. "

"Since then, I often come here ... Every time I find something new. Just what I need, and will soon come in handy. The day before yesterday was a piece of paper the fog, I read on the market."

"At first I thought no one else except me here, but it appears a lot of people in this city. They are all witches. This method can only find a magician. There, you see, in the front, in the mountains it? This is a library They learn and work there. "

Library Ernarda also reminded oracle. But its large file storage is not an ordinary book, and volume opus dedicated to scientific mysteries and magic of art, it is beyond the charming city that no one heard. Wizard tries to use magic directly in the room: you put your head to the side - there is a devil in the chain, from another dimension; you will go to another - this is a wonderful plant reveal toothy mouth.

Gene melted and uncomfortable feeling. The city seems they are too fragile, too fragile and dangerous. However, even if their residents do not meet Ernarda Joey: ambiguous not proficient in magic, there is no place. Fear of mercenaries quarrel, Pega away.

"Why do not you stay there forever? - Then they asked Ginny in his arms at night .-- I've seen, you like it, you own it."

"I was there ... no one called, stumbled small, Pega said .-- I was a stranger and they tolerate me, because I am also a magician. Do not drive, only then ...... I have Nana. They do not We will accept it. "

"You do not have money are you going to live? Who will take care of Nana, if you are in the library?"

"Oh, that's what. Falconry not cast a shadow friend in trouble. In our house, rooms and food. The shadow Nana will protect no one dares to touch. And make a decision, here.

Finally, hope you enjoy the game, myabe our cheapest ArcheAge Gold will give you some help in the game

Racing Riders on the Barrels will Be Completed Soon

Le 1 July 2015, 04:53 dans Humeurs 0

Racing Riders on the Barrels will Be Completed Soon in ArcheAge

We accelerate to admonish you that the aboriginal allotment of the summer festival, antagonism riders on the drums, advancing to an end! This bold accident will end with the alpha of aliment plan on July 2nd.

If you accept not had time to analysis their backbone and yield allotment in the festival, you can do so by traveling to the roaring avalanche at the area "The rolling passes." Before the chance do not overlook to apprehend the data about the event, appear earlier.

Immediately afterwards the chase you will acquisition the next allotment of the events. It will endure from 2 to 16 July, and the advice about its advance will be appear alone in the account the day of launch. Even added fun and opportunities to get tokens summer festival!

Awards of the aboriginal date of the accident - alcohol with benign effects, the appellation of a appropriate addition on a butt and swimwear - will be accessible for acquirement above-mentioned to aliment plan on 16 July. Afterwards the anniversary boutique will be removed. Be abiding to barter tokens for the appropriate things in advance! will upgrade more information, just ArcheAge Gold Buy.

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